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In the world of electronics, no matter how efficient the device you make, if it is not user-friendly, then it becomes incredibly tedious for customers to use it. SBL understands the needs of this industry; hence, it has been providing exceptional human machine interface design for a wide range of equipment used in different sectors. HMI allows the end-user to interact with the device effortlessly. HMIs are used in different forms, from built-in screens on machines, to tables, monitors etc. However, it does not matter, which form you use; its primary objective is to provide you with an insight into the performance of the system.

SBL delivers human machine interface design to numerous industries from defense and armed forces to medical electronics to name a few.

SBL in HMI design

Using any electronics equipment should be effortless, and the human-machine interface has a huge role in it. At SBL, we design human-machine interfaces with the best-suited and cutting-edge technology for numerous applications. We understand the needs of our customers and thus provide customized human-machine interface designs that are seamless and have sheer precision.

Before designing any interface, we evaluate customer’s specific requirements based on the frequency of operations, usage, environmental factors & most important, Ergonomic design etc. These factors are thoroughly examined and the interface is designed according to it. We provide interfacing for electronic products namely sliders, IR remote controls, LED drivers, capacitive switches, and outputs such as SPI, I2C, USB, UART and so on.

With our more than three decades of experience in HMI, we always suggest the best possible design options to our clients based on their applications. Our ergonomically and compliance proof embedded designs help our clients to add value to their existing products.

We not only take care of designing the good look or error-free embedded designs but also offering improved product life cycle and world-class quality. We ensure the quality of the product with top-notch raw material from various parts of the world. Quality is the foundation of our vendor eco-system, and we have many registered vendors across the globe supporting us for various raw materials.

Creating medical domain HMI designs is our forte, and many of our products are FDA approved in critical HMI designs. Our adherence quality and timely delivery has made us a trusted name and earned several long-term associations with our clients who rely on our HMI design inputs for years.

Characteristics of Our Offerings

  • The HMI designs are customer centric and specific to their unique requirements
  • Ergonomically perfect compliance proof HMI design.
  • Designed with Capacitive Touch Sensing Technology
  • Designed with patented Piezo Technology
  • Low-cost designs with patented Cap Mech Technology
  • HMI interfaces with numerous outputs namely SPI, UART, and I2C to name a few
  • Used in several sectors namely medical, commercial, defense, automation and industrial electronics.

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