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The PCBs or printed circuit boards are the quintessential part of different industries. This industry has witnessed a remarkable growth in the last few years, and there is a growing demand for immaculate PCB layout design services. Today, every industry demands complex, high-speed, and multi-layered PCB design layouts. The dynamics of electronic devices such as TVs, laptops, consoles etc., are changing, which will create a potentially huge market for printed circuit board devices.

Industries SBL Serves

SBL’s PCB layout design services supply high quality printed board circuits to numerous industries. Being in this business for almost thirty years, we have the forte in designing complex designs for several industries namely medical, industrial electronics, military and defense.

PCB Layout Design Services

At SBL, we prominently focus on designing the PCB layouts. We have a team of skilled engineers and industry experts. The PCB layout designing is an intricate process; our team has the specialized skills and enriched experience required for it. At SBL, these layouts are designed with superior technology. The cutting-edge Cadence Allegro platform handled by experienced and skilled engineers assists us.

We specialize in designing high-speed, multi-layered PCB layouts having immense accuracy and precise functioning. Our engineering team is proficient in designing cost-effective, seamless and efficient layouts, which are delivered with needed precision. When we design PCB layouts, you are assured of-

  • Accurate schematic design for the layout
  • The timely delivery of the project considering the market requirements.
  • High-speed PCB layout design with unparalleled quality

Prominent Characteristics of Our Designs

  • PCB layouts supporting single as well as multilayered layouts with immense accuracy
  • Over the years, we have developed rigid as well as flexible printed circuit boards. These circuit boards are specially used for high-end applications needed for crucial activities.
  • SBL has an expertise in designing power supply PCB layouts with higher power rating.
  • Our skillful team designs layouts for digital, analog, and mixed design applications.
  • Use of state-of-the-art technology enables us to design high-speed PCB layouts up to 2 GHz. We have expertise in creating memory cards, PCI, CPCI, FPGAs, PDAs, and Backplane Boards.
  • To make designs more efficient and performance-driven, we have included Signal Integrity and Thermal Analysis, which optimize the performance of the layout.
  • Our designs are technically sound with suitable impedance and matching length.
  • It comes with Radio Frequency design and that up to 2GHz.


Electronics has always been the backbone of many industries and has a bright future indeed, but the industries need to remain updated with it. SBL being one of the pioneers in PCB layout design services offers custom-made, high-reliability circuit boards as per international standard for diverse sectors in the global market. We have ateam comprising of industry veterans and enthusiastic young minds. With our years of experience and the futuristic management to steer, we see ourselves as a global leader in PCB layout design services.


PCB layout design services
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