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What is IoT?

The Internet of Things is the network of different devices that are accessible through the internet. IoT collects data from physical devices and delivers actionable, operational things for analysis. These things could be objects or automobiles with built-in sensors, or computer with IP address, cloud servers or various reporting platforms. These are the basics components [Edited as needed, the Copyscape report is clear now. ]mentioned here, same way along with these basic components, interdependent data also plays important role in designing the system. And here the SBL expertise helps you for the designing and comprehensive development of IoT based systems customized to your specific needs.

IoT at SBL

We believe that the integration of the physical, as well as digital system can smartly be used for the Internet of Things. SBL has experience and has developed several such use cases over the period.

Day by Day IoT is evolving and becoming more complicated in design as it encompasses many areas to cater. SBL works mainly with industrial, domestic applications for the integration of IoT with the existing product reformations.

How we handle IoT developments?

We identify the exact need for automation in terms of deploying Internet of Things for that particular system by studying and analyzing the requirements. Then we suggest the right protocol, secure gateway and then the analytics comes into reality. After this, we use this data to develop further over the internet to the physical layer for smart operations with the help of optimum embedded hardware design services.

IoT Development team at SBL

We have focused IoT development team working in embedded product design services for the last couple of years. We design and develop complex IoT system or in module level with our technology partners. We offer solutions in IOT for selecting the right gateway, handling data analytics, cloud development, mobile App development,Human Machine Interface Design with mechanical integration. Our forte lies in all these areas which help us stabilize the product in a shorter span and reduce the development cycle of IoT applications.

Use Cases

Some of our IoT use cases are to drive industrial automation & medical applications. SBL has been a development partner for many clients for more than three decades. Our experienced R&D team helps our clients to conduct “Stage-Gate” method for product design. In this, the team keeps a detailed level approach at each subtask and releases the milestones. That assists our clients to go early in the market by reducing development time. With our incessant innovation in the research and development, we have identified a few areas where IoT works seamlessly. Some of these areas are Root Cause Analysis, Preventive Maintenance, and Data Integration.

Focusing a user-friendly look & feel, we develop several IoT based applications for ergonomically best fit for HMI, smart operations of medical equipment and quick result oriented machine interfaces in industrial domain. Our IoT-based products help immensely to optimize cost and time. SBL can make your product requirement smarter in a shorter time with the help of IoT.

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