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The embedded hardware design services are one of the integral parts of the electronic products.These services are part of SBL’s forte and complement the system and software design development. The hardware design for both mechanical as well as electronics parts are done parallel to the software development.

Overview of Embedded Hardware Design Services

The primary hardware designing process begins with the creation of a conceptual design. Here our skilled employees explore different aspects of the design and ensure that it is suitable for the implementation. We consider the following factors in this process.

  • Manufacturing cost
  • Usability and durability
  • The finish on the product
  • Design For Manufacturing (DFM)
  • Design For Testing (DFT)

Hardware Design Process

The hardware design process includes the following steps

  • Hardware specifications
  • Detailed design and architecture for electronics in parallel with detailed mechanical packaging, design concept and initial prototypes
  • Schematic capture, part selection, printed circuit board design layout in parallel with mechanical prototype refinement
  • Prototype assembly and further mechanical refinement
  • The mechanical design is created with help of CAD software and further used to produce 3D functional prototype to test.
  • Prototype bring-up, design verification, and testing. After getting the feedback on the prototype, the design is passed for manufacturing.
  • Support and documentation

Why Us?

SBL has been in the electronics industry for almost thirty years. These years have made us an astute entity in the industry which is known for providing immaculate designs. We have a vast pool of talented engineers and designers that is capable of working on intricate designs. We believe with the shrewd management that steers the SBL family, our suite of embedded hardware design services proves to be the turnkey solution to the customers.
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