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Years of in-depth experience of handling challenging requirements has enabled us to develop some revolutionary products. These products use Unique Capacitive Mechanical Sensing Technology for making contacts which are patented by SBL.

Single Capacitive Switch with two Progressive Functions

The CAPMECHTM series switches are not the commonly created ordinary switches albeit having looks similar to a mechanical push button. With features of the backlight and progressive functions, these switches are essentially capacitive switches. These switches use Unique Capacitive Mechanical Sensing Technology for making contacts which are patented by SBL. With this unique feature, it allows the user two separate progressive contacts in a single contact. It is primarily used in the medical industry, automobile, consumer electronics, test and measuring equipment etc. Its potential application may include,

  • Single button to control the car window movement up to a certain level, or fully open or fully close.
  • In surgical instruments and electro-medical equipment where two actions are required in a single switch.
  • A product which requires sustained or temporary power.

Rotary Encoder Using Capacitive Glide Sensing

The CAPMECHTM and FlySensorTM capacitive rotary encoders look and feel like mechanical rotary encoder; however, instead of mechanical or optical sensing, they use mechanical guide type capacitive sensing. The capacitive encoder has shown incredible performance as it does not have any mechanical contact.

These easy-to-use products combine with Touch, Rotary wheel, position selector indicators and with SPI output for both ways interactive communication thus assisting product design engineers in various activities.

Like the single capacitive switch, capacitive encoders use Unique Capacitive Mechanical Sensing Technology which is patented by SBL. These encoders are suitable for consumer electronics, office automation etc. The industries such as medical, test and measuring equipment and consumer electronic preferably use capacitive encoders.
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